Meet John

My name is John Bucy III. I’m a native Texan, small business owner, and new father proudly representing House District 136 in the Texas Legislature. My life has been devoted to bringing people together to bring out the best in all of us. Together, we can build our community up and make Texas as good as its promise.

Elected in 2018, I have been recognized by the Texas House Democratic Caucus as “Freshman of the Year” and Hill Country News Readers’ Poll as “Best (Local) Elected Official.”

I proudly represent western Williamson County in the Texas Legislature, including Northwest Austin, Cedar, Park, Leander, and the Brushy Creek area. My appointments for the 86th Legislative Session include the House Committee on Elections and the House Committee on Culture, Recreation & Tourism. I also serve as the elected chair of the Young Texans Legislative Caucus.

I grew up in Austin before attending Austin College in Sherman, TX. After graduating, I started a small business that now serves over 200,000 public school students across Texas by providing opportunities to participate in athletic, academic, and arts competitions. 

Under my leadership as the past chair of the Williamson County Democratic Party, the county saw the election of nine Democrats to local office, including the first Democratic County Commissioner in two decades. I also served as the Legislative Liaison for the Texas Democratic County Chairs Association.

I live in Northwest Austin with my wife Molly and our precious baby girl, Bradley Harper Bucy. Molly is a former public school teacher and small business owner who serves on the board of the local Penfold Theatre. I proudly serve on the board of the Special Olympics of Texas and support the Big Bend Conservancy. We spend our spare time in Big Bend or attending Austin Spurs, Texas Rangers, or Texas Stars games.

Why am I running for re-election?

Texas is a great state, with a good economy and bountiful natural resources. But currently, the Texas promise is increasingly out of reach for many of our friends and neighbors. With underfunded schools, the lack of access to healthcare, and COVID-19 exacerbating many of the disparities in our state, the gap between the haves and the have-nots has never been wider.

Texas can do better. Our families deserve better.

I see a Texas where…

  • our schools prepare all of our children for the future, and where they go to school every day in a safe place free from gun violence
  • our teachers can afford to live where they work and our civil servants and first responders get the benefits and retirement they deserve
  • our neighbors have access to healthcare and women receive equal pay and have control over their own bodies
  • immigrants are welcome and LGBTQ people are treated with respect and dignity
  • we put a new emphasis on civic engagement and a government that works for all of us
  • we live up to our potential, where we go out of our way to support each other, and where we push past the cynicism to work together for the common good

If this sounds like the Texas you see, let’s get to work for a better future for all of us. Join me in fighting for a Texas as good as its promise.